Prejudice: a black dot in white canvas

Imagine looking at a large white canvas, in the middle of it all is this back dot. Nothing else but this gets your attention and it never seems to go anywhere. You can try to stare at the empty white space but still that one single dot will bring you back.

This is a simple yet powerful illustration to an age old problem that for some reason always resurfaces, prejudice and racism in the United States of America. As much as people have been looking for solutions or trying to ignore it, it is very much still there.


Tensions rose when news broke out on the Ferguson Missouri and Travon Martin case in Florida. Relatives of the victims scream in dismay and anger and in the bleakest of senses racism is where they point the blame. While the justice system has failed in a lot of African countries, American people however respond with fear as they have seen that even in a first world judicial system that seeks to protect them, prejudice will always be in the system depending on the views of the person. While racism is one of the long standing problems in United States right now, it sits a long side corrupt government officials, environmental problems and the whole lot.

As some would now distinguish between white and black American it is very clear as the numbers would show the world. 88 percent of cases in America where the justice system used force were against African Americans, 68 percent have a chance of having their case dismissed by a municipal judge and this account for 92 percent of arrest warrants being issued. Either bad behaviour is just rampant or as some would say the justice system refuses to give them a chance. This could also be seen in the light of global statistics about crime.

This treatment of African Americans can somehow be traced back to fear. The fear of the white Americans losing their status in their country. Exclaiming that slowly they are becoming the minority in their own country, it even breaks to an outrage when the current United States of America President speaks out to defend the slain and speak for the African American.

To think that this problem is not just an old problem, but it is also one where many have paid the price, so that the future generations might have a better one. This is a problem where more than often the world simply observes and does nothing, as if the days of slavery are being brought back to modern times. As the saying goes, “evil only happens when good men do nothing”. The truth of the matter is, this is no walk in the park, it will not be solved overnight and it will definitely be a battle, but it is one worth fighting. Whether a person is in the majority or in the minority, do not stop educating, do not stop working for a brighter future.