The Fashion Secret: Cover Up the Unsightly Fats

Pointy Pair of Shoes

Pointy pair of shoes will make your legs look longer. Close toes shoes and sandals work better for short women. Tall women match well with open toe pointy shoes. If you think you’re bulky and short, avoid very high heels too. Those pair of shoes will give unflattering proportion to your body making you look heavier. Muffin shaped women can add accents and large belts few centimeters above the waist line. A large clutch bag will help cover those bumps too.

Pick the Right Colors

The same old trick works. The vertical stripes don’t just cut inches of fats but also make you look taller. With the latest trends and fashion, you can easily find variety of clothing styles. Again, black should be your favorite color besides navy blue and all the dark hues. It offers a slender look as seen on WP Fashionista. In the same manner, stay away from bright and light shades. Although, you may opt to mix and match these color combinations. Contrasting pairs, for instance a black skirt look gorgeous in light shade blouse. Wear slightly high heel. Put on some dark blazer or coat if you wish to hide lumpy fats on your arms.

And now the Photos

For most, life is not complete without Facebook. Who knows, one may just pull you in and take some pictures. Are you quite insecure to know that you’ve gained a lot of pounds lately? No worries. Check out the best camera pose and tricks.

It’s the smile

Be sure to give your best smile before you pose. Here’s the secret. Stick your tongue on your palate or the roof of your mouth inside the oral orifice. Also, raise your chin a little bit while doing so just to make sure that you get away from showing off the double chin once the camera clicks.

Snaps on the Tops

Yes, whenever you can. Avoid taking a whole-body picture. If it’s inevitable, tell the photographer to play angle tricks. Place the camera slightly bent up to make your angle better. Turn your body a little on the sides with one foot forward. Try the hand-on-hip pose. If not, hold your arms slightly away from your torso to make you look thinner. Avoid hair ponytails and braids too especially of you have round shape face. Play a splash of right make-up blended with the best matched foundation, eye shadows and lipstick shade. And if the pose requires you to sit, be sure to find the best angle. Cross your legs. It sounds funny but try to avoid staying too close with someone who is lean. It will emphasize your bulk.